William CC ChenWilliam C. C. Chen, one of the giants in the modern Taiji era, in Tàijí Quán de Hūxī – An Essay on Breathing, explains in a concise and easy to understand manner both the essence and function of breathing. He writes, “The gentle, deep and full inhalations in the movements of Tàijí Quán allow us to receive a greater volume of the 21 % oxygen into the lungs. With an adequate oxygen supply in our system, we can produce more energy. Oxygen is essential to our daily activities and in fighting disease, repairing tissues, and removing cancerous cells.” Further, “The system of breathing with the diaphragm is of great significance in the movements of Tàijí Quán. In these gentle relaxing movements we keep the air passage wide open, which maximizes the airflow out and in from the throat. When the diaphragm moves up, we exhale; this pushes the carbon dioxide out from the lungs. When the diaphragm pulls down, we inhale; this helps the lungs draw in oxygen.” Just as in his teaching, William C. C. Chen imparts knowledge without mystery and in a manner that is simple and yet profound.

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