WudangThis article by Yuzeng Liu provides a window into the philosophical principles of Wǔdāng (武當) and the concepts of the Yì Jīng (易經 Book of Changes) and the Dàodéjīng (道德 经 Tao Te Jing) and how they are integrated with the internal martial arts of Tàijí Quán (太極拳), Xíngyì Quán (形意拳) and Bāguà Zhǎng (八卦掌).

Liu states, “I think that in practicing the fundamental techniques of Wǔdāng internal martial arts, in order to advance one must move in the direction of the Dào, toward understanding the distinct aspects and requirements. In this way, after the movement is understood, practice improves and energy improves. By quietly observing and mulling over, one gradually arrives at the heart’s desire, becoming adept and transforming.” Liu introduces various principles and their relationship to internal martial arts, which can be used as guideposts to the deeper study of Wǔdāng internal martial arts.

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