Origins of Wǔzǔ Quán (五祖拳) - The Five Ancestors StyleIn this article, the author, Kam Lee, provides an in-depth look into a Chinese martial arts style that has gained a tremendous following in Southeast Asia (particularly Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore), Europe (Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Germany), and North America (United States and Canada). Wǔzǔ Quán is an integration of five different ancestors or masters, from whom the style derives its name. Thus the Five Ancestors Style shows their individual strengths such as softness and hardness (from White Crane), agility and footwork (Monkey), precision and efficiency (Tàizǔ), posture and dynamic power (Luó Hàn or Arhat – Immortal), and breathing and iron body training (Dámó).

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