Long Fist CoverJason Tsou and Art Schonfeld discuss the value of Chang Quan (Long Fist) training as a fundamental way to understand the principles of combat. Long Fist training was originally designed to teach the mind and body essential fighting skills, not to simply demonstrate athletic prowess. The authors describe the origins of the style, methods of training, and the crucial differences between forms practice and application of the techniques in a real fighting situation. They contend that an emphasis on athletic performance, such as in tournaments and competitions, leads to a loss of understanding of the functionality of the movements. In turn, this leads to predictability and hesitation on the part of the fighter. The martial aspects of the style eventually become diluted and the true purpose and effectiveness of the training is lost. Weapons techniques are illustrated and their similarities to empty-hand postures are shown. Qinna and wrestling techniques are covered. Footwork is discussed as a crucial part of the effectiveness of kicks, punches, throws and holds.

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