Li Siu HungLee Koon Hung (李冠雄 1942-1996) was one of the shining lights in Choy Lay Fut’s (Cai Li Fo) modern era. An influential teacher, he did much to promote Choy Lay Fut not only in Hong Kong but throughout the world. This interview with his brother, Li Siu Hung, provides a window into Lee Koon Hung’s early training with Zhēn Yánchū (甄炎初 Yan Yim Chou) and his later training with some of the giants of Choy Lay Fut. Timelines, famous personalities and dozens of historical photos enrich the interview, which also deals with Li Siu Hung’s own journey in martial arts. A renowned teacher, he has been carrying on his brother’s legacy. The interview covers Cai Li Fo’s fundamental principles, skills and techniques; the forms in Lee Koon Hung’s Choy Lay Fut curriculum, training, competition; and the heritage of this lineage, which is now widely practiced in many parts of the world.

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