KENNY PEREZKenny Perez is one of the original pioneers of Wushu in the West and a former tournament champion who won numerous titles and awards. He shares with readers his martial arts journey: his early training in Kenpo Karate and Shuri-Ryu, his first exposure to Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun with Augustine Fong, White Lotus with Douglas Wong, and Contemporary Wushu. He describes his experiences in prestigious tournaments such as Ed Parker’s Long Beach International; the people he meets, many of whom are legends in martial arts in the West; and his revealing views of competition.

Along with Roger Tung, Christopher Pei, Bow-Sim Mark, Keith Hirabayashi, Donnie Yen, and others, Perez was part of the first American Wushu team to visit China. He offers his impressions of Chinese culture during the Mao Period and his training routine. “Back then the training was much regimented, very communistic.” He expresses his excitement in returning to the States to teach what he had learned. Donnie Yen and Jet Li, Coach Wu Bin and Li Tianji, and many other famous athletes and personalities are discussed in the interview, which is accompanied by dozens of historical photos and helpful training tips.

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