Dr Yang Jwing MingDr. Yang Jwing-Ming began training in Taiwan at the age of 15 under White Crane Master Zeng Jin Zao. He also studied Tai Ji and Qi Gong with Kao Tao and Long Fist with Li Mao Qing. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics at universities in Taiwan, and in 1974 came to the United States to pursue a doctorate in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, graduating in 1978. Becoming aware of the misconceptions in America about traditional Chinese arts and culture, he decided to abandon his engineering career and dedicate himself to preserving the arts and educating people about the culture. To this end, in 1982 he established Yang’s Martial Arts Association (YMAA) in Boston, Massachusetts, to teach traditional Chinese Gong Fu and Qi Gong. The organization has grown to some 45 schools in 18 different countries. Dr. Yang has written more than 30 books. His YMAA Publication Center promotes martial arts and Eastern culture through books, instructional videos and DVDs that have been translated into many languages. The YMAA retreat center in California offers seminars and instructor training.

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