Chang Shi Wuji (苌氏武技) - Chang Style Martial SkillChang Shi Wuji (苌氏武技) – Chang Style Martial Skill Chang Shi Wuji, not to be confused with Chang Quan (長拳) – Long Fist, is a style which is relatively unknown even in China. It is practiced mostly in Xingyang County and the surrounding area of Henan Province. Chang Shi Wuji is an Internal Style that contains very in-depth theories that have been preserved and passed down in written records from the founder.

Principles such as: Yin and Yang support each other; Hard and soft are combined; Empty and solid alternate; Slow and fast correspond and other concepts are at the core of the art. In this article providing an introduction to Chang Shi Wuji, the author and leading master of the art in China offers a glimpse into the style’s background, features and characteristics.

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