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Lin Kuen: The Mother Form of the Eagle Claw System

Lin Kuen: The Mother Form of the Eagle Claw System, by Master Shum Leung, is an historic work that embodies the essence of this classical Northern Style. The form was long jealously guarded and passed down only to senior students, and even today, many masters still refuse to teach it to outsiders. The book reveals the form to the general public for the first time in the English language.


The Essence of Lien Bu Chuan by Artie Aviles, James Man Chin, and Nelson Tsou, discusses a foundational routine in Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Lien Bu Chuan (Continuous Steps Form), which was developed and promoted at the Nanjing Central Guoshu Institute. The historical evolution of the form is well documented by the authors in a way that shows a connection to and respect for past masters. Essential skills are described and explained (foot work, hand work, stance work). The centerpiece of the book is a detailed study of the form, movement by movement. For serious scholars and practitioners, additional information is offered on traditional customs and rituals, morality, and terminology.

The Complete Jianshu

The Complete Jianshu: Chinese Combat Sword for Sport, by Jason Tsou and Arthur Schonfeld, introduces combat sword as sport; covers training methods, sword structure, safety equipment, Jianshu concepts, grips and three-point alignment, all essential for developing defensive and offensive skills. Also discusses how to train your mind, develop your sixth sense, and understand fighting strategy.