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Kenny Perez Interview

VOL. 5 NO. 5 - Kenny Perez is one of the original pioneers of Wushu in the West and a former tournament champion who won numerous titles and awards. He shares with readers his martial arts journey: his early training in Kenpo Karate and Shuri-Ryu, his first exposure to Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun with Augustine Fong, White Lotus with Douglas Wong, and Contemporary Wushu. He describes his experiences in prestigious tournaments such as Ed Parker's Long Beach International; the people he meets, many of whom are legends in martial arts in the West; and his revealing views of competition. Along with Roger Tung, Christopher Pei, Bow-Sim Mark, Keith Hirabayashi, Donnie Yen, and others, Perez was part of the first American Wushu team to visit China. He offers his impressions of Chinese culture during the Mao Period and his training routine. “Back then the training was much regimented, very communistic." He expresses his excitement in returning to the States to teach what he had learned. Donnie Yen and Jet Li, Coach Wu Bin and Li Tianji, and many other famous athletes and personalities are discussed in the interview, which is accompanied by dozens of historical photos and helpful training tips.

Recollections of Zheng Manqing (鄭曼青)

VOL. 5 NO. 4 - Recollections of Zheng Manqing (鄭曼青) - There is no doubt that Professor Zheng Manqing will always be remembered as one of the most influential and innovative teachers of Tai Chi Chuan in the modern era. Tom Vandigriff shares his recollections of this great master during the time that he was privileged to study at Shr Jung "The Hall of Happiness" in New York in the early 1970s. Tom shares his memories and experiences of lessons, episodes and interesting points through several vignettes that provide the reader with a student's perspective on Zheng Manqing, both the man and his art.

Interview with Liu Jingru (刘敬儒)

Renowned as one of the premier Bagua Zhang teachers in Beijing, this revealing interview with Liu Jingru explores historical background and lineages as well as theoretical concepts, not only in Bagua Zhang but also Xingyi Quan and Six Harmony Praying Mantis. Liu Jingru's in-depth knowledge provides elucidating information on the hows and whys of fundamental principles, and explains cultural dogmas that are widespread in Chinese martial arts. Along with answers to more than 30 questions, many old photos of historical significance accompany the article as well as lineage charts on Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Liuhe Praying Mantis.

Chang Shi Wuji (苌氏武技) – Chang Style Martial Skill

VOL. 5 NO. 2 - Chang Shi Wuji (苌氏武技) - Chang Style Martial Skill Chang Shi Wuji, not to be confused with Chang Quan (長拳) - Long Fist, is a style which is relatively unknown even in China. It is practiced mostly in Xingyang County and the surrounding area of Henan Province. Chang Shi Wuji is an Internal Style that contains very in-depth theories that have been preserved and passed down in written records from the founder. Principles such as: Yin and Yang support each other; Hard and soft are combined; Empty and solid alternate; Slow and fast correspond and other concepts are at the core of the art. In this article providing an introduction to Chang Shi Wuji, the author and leading master of the art in China offers a glimpse into the style's background, features and characteristics.